Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

I am fortunate enough to say that I have traveled quite a bit for a 22-year old. It’s too bad I didn’t think to keep journals back then, as I’m sure there were some great stories to be shared.

Here’s the list of places I have been.  If anything, it is just a space to write them down. Some, I have better memories of than others, but feel free to ask me more about any place you may wish to visit. I hope to update it as I continue my travels.



–     Hong Kong


–     Melbourne

–     Sydney

North America


–     Nova Scotia; Halifax, Peggy’s Cove

–     Ontario

–     Quebec


–     Varadero

Dominican Republic

    Puerto Plata

–     Punta Cana


United States

–     Arizona

–     California

–     Connecticut

–     Florida

–     Illinois

–     Massachusetts

–     New Hampshire

–     New Mexico

–     New York

–     Ohio

–     Pennsylvania

–     Texas

–     Rhode Island

–     Vermont

–     Virginia



–     Vienna

Bosnia and Herzegovina

–     Bijeljina (where most of my mom’s side of the family is from)

–     Jablanica (home of the absolute BEST lamb on a spit; order the ribs!!)

–     Kakanj (where most of my dad’s side of the family is from)

–     Konjic (white water rafting!)

–     Mostar (beautiful city with the ‘Old Bridge’ built during Ottoman rule; UNESCO World Heritage site)

–     Neum (one of the only parts of BiH that actually reaches the Adriatic)

–     Pocitelj

–     Sarajevo (city I was born in; return as often as possible)

–     Srebrenica (as part of a trip into the Field for my UNHCR internship; memorial site)

–     Tuzla

–     Visoko

–     Vitez (as part of a trip into the Field for my UNHCR internship)

–     Zenica

British Territory

–     Gibraltar


–     Basko Polje

–     Brela

–     Dubrovnik

–     Gradac

–     Korčula (island on the Adriatic; family trips to the coast)

–     Labin

–     Plitvice (Lakes National Park – UNESCO World Heritage site; a must-see)

–     Rabac

–     Sisak

–     Split

–     Zagreb

–     Zaostrog

Czech Republic

– Prague


–     London


–     Alps (French side, obviously)

–     Antibes

–     Cannes

–     Nice

–     Paris (It lives up to its expectation. I swear there is something truly romantic about the place)

–     Versailles (Possibly my favorite place… and I don’t mean the nauseating castle, but rather the breathtaking gardens and forest surrounding it. If you ever have the chance to go, do it!)


–     Frankfurt

–     Freiberg

–     Munich


–     Capri

–     Florence

–     Genoa

–     Naples

–     Pisa

–     Rome

–     Sicily; San Vito Lo Capo, Trapani, Palermo, Cefalu

–     Venice



–     Budva

Vatican City


– Belgrade


–     Ljubljana


–     Cordoba

–     Granada

–     Madrid

–     Sevilla

–     Ronda (favourite place in Spain, by far! Beautiful little city on the top/edge of a canyon)


–     Geneva

–     Lugano

–     Zurich

           …Kid, you’ll move mountains!



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