Surfing Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia

Of course, by the time I reached Halifax, once again my plans had changed. I found myself with a travel companion, one I hadn’t been expecting. But just as I’ve said before, you make the best out of the situations in front of you.

A friend ended up visiting Nova Scotia the first weekend I arrived, and so all together we ended up driving along the south shore of Nova Scotia. It felt great to be back in the east coast. Unfortunately for us, the weather was still terribly cold.

2013-05-18 11.43.28

Our first stop was Lawrencetown Beach, an amazing place for surfing in Nova Scotia. I had been there once before, in September, before leaving for Hong Kong. We are all beginners, but that did not stop us from getting out there and working our butts off to catch a wave. I can even say that I successfully popped up for one wave that day! Considering the cold, we were decked out in full winter wet suits, a feat in its own to put on. Looking back on my surfing adventures in Hong Kong, I definitely did not appreciate the warm waters to the extent that I should have! But these conditions were much different than those of Hong Kong. I mean, my first attempt at surfing in the Atlantic Ocean waters of Lawerencetown Beach was during the remnants of a hurricane that made its way up to the Maritimes…

2013-05-18 12.05.38


Just strutting my stuff before taking on the Atlantic.


2013-05-18 12.44.00


Lawrencetown Beach


2013-05-18 13.40.45


Jonathan catching a wave!


2013-05-18 13.57.29


3 Amigos

After a few hours of surfing, we headed to Martinique. Since the weather had not gotten any better, we were all wearing our warmest “summer” jackets, and we took a walk along the beach.

2013-05-18 17.14.24

2013-05-18 16.26.01

2013-05-18 16.33.23

Finally, we ended the day with a well deserved Fish and Chips dinner. Located in Musquodoboit, this quaint little place has yet to fail me. I can honestly say that Harbour Fish n’ Fries is the best fish and chip place I have ever eaten at… however I have to admit that both times I was famished from surfing haha. In all seriousness, the batter that they use is delicious. A definite recommendation if you are in the Martinique area.

2013-05-18 18.17.27


Day one of the weekend was a great start to my life out on the East Coast.


In leaving for Nova Scotia, I aimed to become a better individual, to learn to live on my own and not have my happiness depend on others. A task certainly easier said than done. Yet, I do think it takes time, and that I could not expect immediate change. My travels ensure that I continue to grow and learn each day. Here’s to many more adventures!

~ Banana


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