Surfing Hong Kong

Today I got an awesome chance to catch some waves at Sai Wan beach in Hong Kong. This beach is located in the New Territories, and is in a pretty secluded area. It made for some beautiful scenery, all captured on camera of course!

We went surfing with Surf Hong Kong, which is run by some very chill guys and girls. Our 2 hour board rental and lesson was 300 HKD, and it was well worth it. If you’re interested in just renting a board, it is something like 120 HKD for 6 hours. Check out their website if you’re interested in trying it out and want some more info — I would highly recommend it.

After surfing for 2 hours we headed to further from the beach to an inland waterfall/cliffs where people can jump off. I am terrified of heights and didn’t dare do the jump, but it is a very deep fresh water pool at the bottom, and it is apparently a thrill. The people at the surf shop will gladly direct you there, as it is a bit confusing to explain in writing.


In order to get there, we took the MTR from Central to Hang Hau. In order to do this, we needed to take the Island Line (blue line) to North Point (although Quarry Bay works also) and from there changed to the Tseung Kwan O line (purple line) until we reached Hang Hau. That part of the journey takes approximately 30 minutes. Once we got to Hang Hau, we needed to take a bus to reach another transfer point at Sai Kung – this bus was the 101M and took another 15-20 minutes. From there, it is possible to get another bus that will take you to the peak above the Sai Wan beach, however if you are with a group of people it is easier to just take a taxi from there. The cab ride was another 15-20 minutes, and cost us 85 HKD (split 3 ways, as we had 6 people and unfortunately had to take two cabs). Once you reach the top of the peak, you will see a small round about, where you can get off and taxis head back down. However, in order to get down to the beach, you must take a bit of a hike. Once again, well worth doing as the views are incredible.

On the way back, it is much easier to get a boat ride that takes you straight to Sai Kung for the price of 120 HKD per person. It is quite a bit more expensive, however it is worth it, as you avoid hiking back up the hill to the peak, as well as waiting for a taxi (which I have heard can take hours). The boat ride is about 20 minutes.

~ Banana


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