Ups and Downs

Already October!! How?!

All my homesickness is gone (but the countdown is still there: 81 days), and I have settled in quite nicely in Hong Kong. Roommate and I are getting along well, so the room situation is good.

School is well underway! I am taking a full course load – 3 politics courses, 1 journalism and 1 poverty development. The last one is definitely shaping up to be my favourite, just because it has this amazing service project as the only course assignment. Tons of opportunities with it, and I think I am leaning towards planning and creating my own NGO. Lots of work ahead of me…

I’m also busy working on QICSIM details. I know that time will fly and suddenly March will be around the corner and the conference underway, so there is TONS to do.

Lastly, I have joined the HKU rugby team, which is so fun! Already have my first black eye to prove it!

The team!

So how is Hong Kong?

Amazing! I have slowly been branching out and figuring out more of the Central area. I found this store called Cotton On, which I believe is a chain store from Australia, and I found several nice pieces of clothing. Quite inexpensive as well.

Another place I went shopping is in ‘Mong Kok’, where we found this shopping center (Mong Kok Zhong Sum). A genuine Chinese shopping mall where I sharpened by bargaining skills. I ended up buying 6 articles of clothing (shirts and sweaters) for a total of under $400 HKD. This equals about $51 CAD. Not bad, right?  Afterwards, the girls and I went to this mango jelly place, and ate a bunch of different desserts. Jelly seems to be a big thing in Hong Kong, not sure I find it as appealing as most.

Stanley Beach 

One weekend a few friends and I adventured to the southeastern part of Hong Kong Island, to a little place known as Stanley. Spent the day just relaxing on the beach and enjoying the sun. It was quite simple to get to from where we live, just a direct bus, so as long as the weather holds out, I may have to go again!

Hot Pot Dinner

Another traditional meal here is known as Hot Pot. Basically, a boiling pot of water  is placed in front of you with a flavoured broth, and then fresh meats, noodles and dumplings are placed in front of you to cook. It is absolutely delicious! My two friends and I arrived late after getting lost on the way, so we only got to try the beef balls and spinach dumplings, but it is seriously worth going again. Approximate price for the table was $100-150 HKD and everyone sampled each others dishes. I can’t wait to do this again, properly!

In other news:

I have officially gotten tickets for my break, and I am going to AUSTRALIA! (Thank you mom and dad!) I will be going to Melbourne and Sydney, and hopefully travelling around those areas while I am there. Cannot wait to see family and friends.

Last thing, while writing this post I was eating peanut butter and raspberry jam. Just swirled together. With chopsticks. I am getting good at this!!  haha

Lots of love, missing everyone back home.

~ Banana


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