“All you have is your credibility.” – Michael Hammer

I think I have beat jetlag. 9pm bed time and 6 am ain’t so bad for a 12 hour time change, right? Today I even made it to 9:30 (so far)!

Spent today going through exchange student orientation and getting a grasp of campus. Finished a lot of paperwork, and sorted out my Visa issues. Then I chose to hike for 30 minutes to get back to rez. The view paid off though!


Oh. And I got to attend this amazing guest lecture with Michael Hammer (Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs). It was a pretty informal lecture, actually more of a conversation.  Aspiring journalists from HKU’s JMSC program got the opportunity to ask questions about the impacts of social media and Mr. Hammer did his best to answer. One of the best things I took from this event was how Mr. Hammer responded to the question of how social media should be dealt with – the reactions, the replies.

Especially in light of the events in Benghazi this week, I believe Mr. Hammer’s response was extremely appropriate: people have the right to denounce and condemn posts that are incorrect; a way to correct the record. They have every right to express themselves to ensure proper information finds its way to those who read/view such posts. However, this reaction should never be violent.

It was amazing to see such a diplomatic response. I feel as though this event reinforced my drive to one day pursue such a career. I suppose only time will tell!

Of course, I approached Mr. Hammer after the session and introduced myself, and even invited him to the Queen’s Interactive Crisis Simulation. Perhaps we meet again in the future!




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