Saturday I spent exploring a bit of Hong Kong. I took the MTR Tsuen Wan Line from the Central Station to Tsim Sha Tsui, an area I was told is very catered to foreigners. I wandered for a bit with my roommate, and attempted to do some shopping, but found nothing that we liked (within our price range!) We stopped for lunch in a mall, and I ate some very delicious dim sum for lunch. The one on the left doesn’t look very appetizing, but I actually prefered it of the two! Also, I have no idea what was in them, I just kind of pointed (I think I’d rather not know at this point haha)

Afterwards I found a super nice bakery, where I bought some nice bread. Tasted amazing! I definitely plan on going back there. On the way back home, my roommate and I stumbled upon Abercrombie and Fitch (or was it Hollister???) and I absolutely died when I walked in. Here’s why:

His abs must be exhausted!

hahaha Check out that line up!

For my groceries, I found this supermarket called International, where you can find many imported goods. I was able to buy things such as Teddy Grahams and Quaker Chewy bars, as well as Campbell soup and pasta sauces that I ate in Rome. Needless to say I was a VERY happy camper afterwards.

I have to admit though, the grocery shopping experience made me homesick for the first time since being here. I found myself getting frustrated for not being able to find what I need, and when I did find something (the pasta sauce for example), I was on the verge of tears because I was so happy because it was familiar to me. I am hoping that when school starts tomorrow I will start to feel less homesick. Perhaps a distraction is all I need!

Some tips I picked up so far:

–          When traveling by public transportation, it is VERY convenient to get an Octopus card. There is no hassle to ensure you have correct change for the bus, and it also ensures you do not have to pay for a ticket every time you want to get on the metro.

–          Windham street is considered the SOHO of Hong Kong – many bars and restaurants; the nightlife.

–          Lankwai Fong street is also recommended for the nightlife scene

–          Nomads (located on Kimberley Road) is apparently an amazing Mongolian grill – I will have to try it to let you know!

–          Arirang, a Korean BBQ, is also highly recommended – but again, I’ll try it first!

Wish me luck at school!



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