After 15 hours on a plane, I have made it safe and sound to Hong Kong. I feel like I’m on a completely different planet – but I know I’m gonna enjoy myself here.

My day began with a early wake up and trip to the airport, where I had a nice Timmies breakfast with my parents. After saying our goodbyes, I hopped on the plane around 10am.

It was quite a good journey, considering how long it took. I slept for a good chunk, but also managed to watch 4 movies, so I mean it really wasn’t so bad. My movies this time around were: The Avengers, The Five-Year Engagement, Ides of March and The Lucky One (terrible movie by the way).

I also got a lucky draw within the economy class, being put in the emergency isle exit, with a flight attendants seat facing me. Why is this good? Well for one, the flight attendant spent a whole 10 minutes in that seat, leaving me with a good 2 meters to extend my legs and stand when I pleased. The second is that this time around I was having terrible anxiety about my flight (so much so that I went to the chiropractor 2 times the last 2 days because the stress was adding to my back to tensing up).

The last thing I wanted to mention about this flight is that our second meal was a noodle bowl. Yes. Those instant noodles that you add water to. I thought that was a new low for Air Canada. Mine were kinda crunchy too…. Ew. Hahaha

Anyways, I made it safe and sound, and next thing I know, my entry visa is being declined at the Hong Kong customs. Thankfully I was issued a Visitor’s visa for the next little while, but this is a whole new mess I have to deal with that I didn’t expect at all.

I took a cab from the airport directly to my residence hall, which is the easiest mode of transportation. Others will include a combination of trains, busses and taxis, and is also much cheaper. My taxi ride cost me $350 HKD, which is about the equivalent to $44 CAD.

Once I got here, I lugged my bags up to the 3rd floor and got set up in my new room, which I am sharing with 2 other girls. One is a Canadian from Vancouver, the other is from mainland China. So far I have met the Chinese roommate, and she is just the sweetest! I can tell we will get along well. We even went out for my first dinner (regular fried rice noodles with beef)! Both are older than me, and we all study different subjects, but I know we will enjoy each others company. My only concern is that our living space is SUPER tiny. I guess I just need to adjust.

Speaking of adjustment, I am absolutely exhausted with the 12 hour time difference. So it is 8pm and I think I will be calling it a night very shortly. My adventures begin tomorrow at 9:30 am where I will start my exchange student orientation.

Im also gonna try my best to make frequent updates! I know I’ve said it before but this time its for real!


Thinking of everyone back home, always.


~ Banana


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