Spaghetti al Tonno e Pomodore (Italy)

Before reading this post, I would just like to say that my housemate Claudio makes some mean pasta dishes. Any weight that may be gained this summer can be blamed on him and his recipes.

It is also good to note that there are many variations to this dish, so feel free to work around certain ingredients (except for tuna and tomatoes in this dish, they are kind of necessary…) I also do not cook with measurements, so a lot will be approximate. I will write it out as though the meal is made for 2 people.

Spaghetti al Tonno e Pomodore – Claudio’s recipe



– olive oil

– 2 cans of tuna; preferably packed in oil (1 can per person)

– cherry tomatoes; approx. 20, or to your liking (I used about 10 when cooking for myself)

– 2 cloves of garlic; finely chopped. (Once again, can be to your liking. Garlic adds a nice flavour and aroma to the dish)

– a couple dashes of pepper


– a couple dashes of chili powder (optional: I like this dish a bit more spicy)

– a splash of plain tomato sauce (optional: I did not have this ingredient the last time I made the dish, and it still worked out well. The tomato sauce will make your overall sauce a better consistency in my opinion. A very small amount is needed!!!!)

– capers

– olives (I’m picky with some things: capers and olives are two of those things. I’m sure it will make the dish even better if you like them though)


– as much pasta as you think you can eat

Note that I prefer the ratio of sauce to pasta to be around 55:45 – hate when there isn’t enough sauce)


Add olive oil and chopped garlic to a pot and heat. In a separate pot add water and bring to a boil. Make sure the water is well salted, as it will reflect in your pasta).

Once the oil is heated and the garlic is a golden colour, add tomatoes diced in quarters.

Then add tuna. Add pepper and/or chili powder to liking. Add tomato sauce to a good consistency (again, it will not take much). Add capers and olives.

The sauce does not take long to prepare – less than 10 minutes on medium heat. You will know it is ready once the tomatoes begin to break down.

Once water is close to boil, add pasta to pot. For this dish I prefer spaghetti, but of course any will do.

In order to see how well the pasta is cooked, I do a taste test. If you bite through it and it is not sticking to your teeth or too hard, then the pasta is done. DO NOT OVERCOOK! I swear there is nothing worse than mushy pasta (meaning much too soft). Your pasta should be firm but not hard on the inside. Or as the Italians say: al dente.

Drain the pasta, place in bowl and add sauce.



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